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Anxiety is a natural reaction that everyone experiences from time to time – it’s part of our fight or flight response which helps us to be alert for potentially dangerous or fearful situations such as coming face to face with a vicious dog. However, if anxiety starts to control you and dictate how you live your life, then you are suffering what is known as an anxiety disorder.


If you suffer frequent or intense feelings of fear, apprehension and worry in situations where most other people would not, we can help. Our practice Wellbeing Therapies is based in Norwich Norfolk NR1 1HH, We offer friendly, confidential and advanced fast therapies with Hypnotherapy, Counselling, NLP, EDMR and personal life coaching at the core.

Panic attacks (panic disorder)

One of the symptoms of anxiety is panic attacks: a sudden, intense wave of fear. The symptoms of a panic attack include chest pains, breathing difficulties, nausea, dizziness, terror, fear of dying, fear of losing control, flushes or chills and a tingling or numbness in the hands. The experience of panic attacks can be so terrifying that you may go to extraordinary lengths to avoid situations that may trigger another distressing episode.

Sufferers of panic attacks often worry about the implication or consequences of their attacks. For example, a person experiencing a panic attack may think they’re having a heart attack, or that they are losing control or “going crazy”. These episodes can be frightening and confusing.

Anxiety Disorders

At  Wellbeing Therapies we treat all types of anxiety disorder, (including - but not limited to) -:

  • Phobias (including social phobia, agoraphobia)

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Panic disorder

  • General Anxiety Disorder

  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks – Does it work?

Hypnotherapy and NLP  work by addressing the cause behind those reactions. They use instructions and suggestions to persuade or convince the subconscious to dispose of the fear.

So how can hypnotherapy help me resolve my anxiety and panic attacks safely and permanently?

The most effective way to be freed from anxiety disorders completely and permanently is to resolve what’s causing it; if there is no longer any cause, there can be no effect. So why do you suffer from anxiety? You have probably puzzled over this many times before. Looked for reasons, triggers behind it. Perhaps you know why; an early upsetting experience caused you panic. Perhaps it’s been triggered by stress or depression. But knowing this doesn’t make the problem go away. Or maybe you can’t think of any reasons to explain it. But that doesn’t mean there is no cause, because for something to exist it has to have been created. It has to come from somewhere.

We work with the subconscious, not against it. We must first find out why your subconscious reacts in this way. we asks why it *needs* your anxiety. Once that subconscious need has been identified, using hypnosis we can help to re-examine the mistaken information that lies behind it. As long as the misinformation exists, so will your anxiety. But once your subconscious believes, rather than being told, that disposing of the fear and panic is in your best interests, then it will actively enable you to do so FOR GOOD.

We approach each person without theories or preconceptions – except for one – that the answer to your anxiety lies only within your subconscious mind.  There is no need to suppress or manage your symptoms. By helping to resolve and correct the true cause, your anxiety – along with any apprehension, worry and panic – can automatically fade away, until eventually your problem is nothing but a vague and distant memory.

At our  practice in Norwich Norfolk NR1 1HH, We offer friendly, confidential and advanced fast therapies with Hypnotherapy, Counselling, NLP, EDMR and personal life coaching.

Everyone is different, with this in mind my therapy is tailored for each individual client. We listen to understand our clients, not simply to respond, then build the treatment plans for my clients accordingly.

Our aim in all work as a Cognitive Hypnotherapists, NLP Master practitioners and counsellors is to give you the client the very best that I can offer, in the shortest time frame possible. We do not believe results should take months to accomplish, or that you should spend thousands of pounds to get the balance back into your life.

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