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N.L.P, Clinical Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy £120.00-145.00 per session (dependant upon presenting issues)

Couples therapy £120.00 per session

Personal, Sports or Business Life & Development coaching £125.00 per session

Intensive Coaching for Business from £5500.00

Relaxation Hypnotherapy £120.00 per session

Counselling £120.00 per session (couples or individuals)

Hypnobirthing £550.00 for three classes

We really do have the aim of helping you change the way you feel in as few sessions as possible. We normally work using a six session treatment plan with hypnotherapy NLP and counselling and four sessions with couples therapy.


This is flexible and can be adjusted to make all our work bespoke to our clients individual needs. You are in control of your budget at all times and only make appointments to suit you.



We want to make sure that we are as accessible to as many people as possible therefore will happily see clients in the evenings if required, Our whole driving force is being able to help our clients achieve their balanced life in an affordable easy, fast, cost effective way. Concessions are available to those on low incomes so please ask.


We offer you a FREE consultation, up to one hour, so you can then gain an understanding of what we do and you can start your relationship with us informally.  Treatment sessions will be tailor-made to suit you, we require payment for the therapy sessions to be made at each appointment.

We very much look forward to being able to help you achieve what you want to achieve in your life.


A single session to stop smoking is available at £650.00

(On average a smoker spends about £2500 per year on cigarettes)


Personal excellence and hypnotherapy training seminars (please see training pages)

Hypnotic trances are not magical or mystical mental states, but are mental altered states that we use on a daily basis. Research shows that our unconscious is responsible for about 90% of our daily behaviour. Our unconscious will allow us to carry out certain behaviours without us being aware of them, such as driving a car and not remembering anything about the journey. This is a very common example of a hypnotic trance.

Hypnotherapy and NLP has nothing at all to do with stage hypnosis, which is a common misconception as to what hypnotic trance is. When you come see us for cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP you will always work in conjunction with the therapist  and you will always be in control.

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